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"Under Chris Brown's direction, the ensemble cast of unknowns works the reunited-for-Christmas-dinner theme beautifully..."

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with Chris Brown" in
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"A host of fine performances distinguish this low-budget drama..."
- New York Magazine

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    TOP 10 of 2011
    Cinema365 – January 27, 2012

    #7 - Fanny, Annie & Danny

    There are some movies that you will not see outside of a film festival. They are labors of love, made on shoestring budget by filmmakers who are often just learning their craft. Sometimes those movies are learning experiences for the filmmakers; they will go on to bigger and better things eventually but sometimes, you run into quality that stands on its own merit and doesn’t need any sort of qualifier, be it low-budget or inexperience. These films stand proudly with movies that have studio backing and/or indie distribution to be among the year’s best...Read more


    NYC Theatrical Premiere. . . just in time for the holidays!

    Dec. 9 – 15, 2011


    ** Filmmaker Chris Brown & actress Jill Pixley (Fanny) in attendance **

    147 Front Street
    Brooklyn, NY
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    Podcast:  Out and About with Jeremy Seghers
    Chris Brown and Jill Pixley from "Fanny, Annie & Danny"

    Florida Film Festival - April 15, 2011


    Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts – Chris Brown on "Fanny, Annie & Danny"
    John Gaspard – Thursday, March 31th, 2011

    What was your filmmaking background before making Fanny, Annie and Danny?
    CHRIS: I started making movies at 9 or 10, pretty much as soon as my parents would let me take the old Super 8 camera out on my own. Filmmaking is really the only thing I've ever wanted to do...Read more


    Fanny, Annie & Dannya "Hammer to Nail Pick of the Week"
    Michael Tully – Thursday, March 24th, 2011
    Filmmaker Magazine

    If there’s one universal truth about families, it’s that as cozy and loving and supportive as they can be, they can also be cruel and irritating and patronizing and infuriating and maddening and fisticuffs-inducing and… that will suffice for now. That truth is ratcheted up to excruciating levels in Chris Brown’s scalding hot satire Fanny, Annie & Danny, in which one five-member family gathers for a pre-Christmas Day Christmas dinner only to reach an inevitable climax that makes Home For The Holidays seem like a tame little tea party...Read more