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"Under Chris Brown's direction, the ensemble cast of unknowns works the reunited-for-Christmas-dinner theme beautifully..."

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"A Conversation
with Chris Brown" in
Hammer to Nail

"A host of fine performances distinguish this low-budget drama..."
- New York Magazine

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    Bay Area filmmaker Chris Brown explores 'home' in Fanny, Annie & Danny
    Oakland Tribune – January, 26, 2011

    A candy factory, some train tracks and a bus shelter -- most of these scenes could be anywhere in the world. But in the hands of East Bay filmmaker Chris Brown, they evoke the essence of the Bay Area only as a fourth-generation Bay Area native can.

    They help create the texture of Brown's third feature film, "Fanny, Annie & Danny," which already has won several film-festival awards and will make its East Bay premiere Friday night at the California Independent Film Festival in Moraga...Read more



    Video Podcast – Nickel City Collective, Mise en Dénver

    Of all the amazing interviews we caught at the Starz Denver Film Festival, I am particularly biased towards this one. Not only were Chris Brown and Jill Pixley inspiring people, but they were incredibly friendly and encouraging off camera in regular conversation...Read more & watch podcast


    SAGIndie's Favorite Films of 2010
    SAGIndie – December 20, 2010

    We at SAGIndie have the luxury of seeing numerous indie films due to the fact that we travel (almost non-stop) to festivals all over the place. This year we decided to compile our favorites from the last twelve months and the festivals at which we saw them.

    Some of these you’ve heard of and will have the opportunity to see in cinemas around the globe. Others might not even come close to getting a distribution deal. Either way, they’re all great stories told in true, risk-taking style. We strongly encourage you to seek some of these out and continue to support independent film in 2011.

    Will Prescott's Picks:

    1. Cyrus – Sundance (Duplass bros. and John C. Reilly, FTW!)
    2. Black Swan – AFI
    3. Micmacs – SXSW (Jean-Pierre Jeunet was there!)
    4. Blue Valentine – Sundance
    5. Winter’s Bone – SXSW
    6. The Extra Man – Seattle International Film Fest/Sundance
    7. Fanny, Annie & Danny – Waterfront 
Film Festival (Check out my interview with the filmmakers!)
    8. Tiny Furniture – Maryland 
Film Festival
    9. Bass Ackwards – Sundance
    10. Holy Rollers – Sundance

    Filmmaker Interview:  Chris Brown (writer/director) and Jill Pixley (actor) of "Fanny, Annie & Danny"
    SAGIndie – December 17, 2010

    Filmmakers who have done consistently well in this business will tell you that if you want your project to succeed, you must be its biggest supporter, its biggest champion and its biggest fan from start to finish. There’s no point in dealing with the highs and lows of independent filmmaking if you don’t believe in your work wholeheartedly. 

    This seems to be the living mantra for Chris Brown and Jill Pixley who together have attended 14 of the 18 festivals that their film, Fanny, Annie & Danny, has been accepted to over the last several months...Read more


    Chris Brown wins the "2010 Emerging Filmmaker Award" at The Starz Denver Film Festival: 

    “The jury cited Brown for defying conventions by both confounding and pissing off the viewer, finding humor in the darkest of places — without being self indulgent. For being brave and bold enough to give us characters we love to hate.”  Read more